Now, through HIE technology delivered by San Diego Health Connect, your doctors can securely share health information with other doctors responsible for your care.

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Providers & Professionals

Health Systems, Hospitals, & Physicians. Coordinate care. Improve patient outcomes. Reduce costs.

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Patient & Families

Secure health information exchange can be a lifesaver for Patients and Families.

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Our Solutions

Technology Improving: Medical Records Exchange, Care Transitions, Public Health, & Emergency Care.

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Serving the Community

San Diego Health Connect is the health information utility that unifies the San Diego healthcare ecosystem. We securely connect providers, patients, private health information exchanges (HIEs) and others to improve the quality and cost of care in our community. As a non-profit organization, we exist to serve every member of the community—and to make San Diego an even better place to live.

Why Participate?

Health care cost and quality affects everyone in San Diego—consumers, employers, providers, the government and more. Community-wide health information exchange (HIE) through San Diego Health Connect is the foundation for improving this quality and cost.

With San Diego Health Connect’s Medical Records Exchange solution, providers get instant, secure access to patient summary health information for new, existing or referred patients.

When you request your patients’ health information electronically, you receive an up-to-date view of their health status. This enables you to improve the speed, quality, safety, coordination and cost of the health care you deliver.

How Our Medical Records Exchange Works

Simply query the Medical Records Exchange using your own electronic health record (EHR) or San Diego Health Connect’s easy-to-use, web-based portal. This gives you access to the following information about your patient from all organizations participating in the health information exchange (HIE):

  • Summaries—Problem lists, medications, allergies, immunizations and recent test results
  • Textual information—Progress notes, discharge summaries and operative reports
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